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Ma Pi Leng pass

Ma Pi Leng pass
Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang is one of the most spectacular passes in northern Vietnam. For travellers passionate discovering the mysterious highlands in Vietnam, Happy Road in Hagiang is one of the most interesting journeys. In order to reach Ma Pi Leng Mount, you will have to cross many high mountain passes including Bac Sum Pass, Can Ty Pass, Heaven Gate Pass, etc. Almost every traveller who has had a chance to conquering Ma Pi Leng Pass in Hagiang agree that it is extremely hard but absolutely rewarding

Ma Pi Leng Pass which is a part of Dong Van Plateau’s complex of geological park has long been known as one of the top four greatest passes in Vietnam. You might curious about the meaning of this strange name, local people told me that Ma Pi Leng means “horse nose” implying the dangerous of the topography here where mountains upstanding like horse’s bridge of the nose.

It is estimated that the height of Ma Phi Leng as approximately 2,000m and its length is around 20 km, the Pass with hundreds-millions-years-old ancient sediments linking Dong Van District to Meo Vac District in Hagiang. When you reach the top of Ma Phi Leng Mount, looking down and you will see Nho Que – a winding river like as a thin thread crossing ravines. Tours in Vietnam

It might be a little bit challenging when conquering this craggy Pass but as you made it you will be given a great chance to admire the intriguing and majestic scenery which has power to enchant every traveller coming here. This is a brief review of a foreign traveller who has visited Ma Phi Leng Pass: “Absolutely astonishing, the landscape is dramatic and classifies as one of the most beautiful in South East Asia. If you are in Viet Nam, this is a must go”. I believe it is not a coincidence that the top of Ma Phi Leng Pass is voted as one of the best panoramic viewpoints in Vietnam so do not forget to bring a camera with you, I bet that you will not want to miss this wonderful shooting opportunity

Discovering Ma Phi Leng Pass, travellers not only enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of mountains but also learn more about the daily life of ethnic people living here. Hagiang in general and Ma Phi Leng in particular are definitely ideal destinations for those who love conquering nature.


Northwest Attractions

Northwest Attractions

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