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Pu Sam Cap cave

Pu Sam Cap cave
Pu Sam Cap cave is 6 kilometers from Lai Chau to the west. On the way to Sin Ho plateau, there is a limestone mountain range formed from tectonic era. It is Kast terrain creating the cave system inside the mountain with fanciful stalactites. This karst is called Pu Sam Cap meaning three big mountains overlapping.

Previously, Pa Thom cave is the only cave discovered in Dien Bien Province. In July 2006, people in Lai Chau province discovered another spectacular caves populations located deeply in forest & mountain area for thousands of years.

Pu Sam Cap caves populations include 3 caves: Thien Mon (Heaven Gate), Thien Duong (Paradise) and Thuy Tinh (Glass); far from Lai Chau town about 7 km along the provincial road No 129 toward Sin Ho. With wild and mysterious scenery, Heaven Gate cave appears with a large arch gate, is very deep inside. Every drops from stalactites drop make dripping sound, some drops fall on the face, hair of tourists make them feel like walking in the early summer rains. When arriving the center of Heaven Gate cave, visitors will be surprised at the high and wide arch cave. The cave’s foundation looks like lake surface ripple with thousands of stalactites.

Passing over that light segment, visitors continue enjoying a sense of adventure. The path along slippery cliff is only enough for one person, making visitors meticulous and carefully to step otherwise they will fall.

Going out Thien Mon cave, we will reach Thien Duong cave. The cave appears with high and dangerous paths, the visitors will find thrills by clinging to a rope to climb along the rocky slopes. Thien Duong cave is same as the magical gift which Creator endowed so as that tourists can imagine when see the stalactites arranged in a natural and mysterious way.

These curves are similar to terraced fields. Going deeply inside, we feel like as being lost in the fairyland with many magnificent stalactites’ shape like a truss of flowers with many Northwest region’s types, such as orchids, Bauhinia variegata... all make the cave more attractive. The stalactite columns with bending pattern surrounding lake are carved by “hands” of nature.

A yellow stalactite column stands solidly, above side spreads out then hangs down like a parasol, people called it "celestial dragon". Keep going to inside, visitors can see a stream full of stalactite with strange shapes. Each one can imagine them to be different things such as: Mr Fu, Mr Shou, sky pillar, gold column, silver column or bronze drum... Going to the end, visitors will be start at magnificent and gorgeous palaces with many people hugging size of columns-inlaid stalactite.

In the heart of Thien Duong cave of Pu Sam Cap cave system, the space is large and has a lot of stalactites.


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