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Northwest Travel Destinations

Son La

Son La is a venue of ecoregions for ones who want fresh air, peacefulness and to mix with the nature. Going on a boat downstream of the smooth Da River, passing Ta Khoa, to Van Yen wharf and reach Muong La to experience charming landscapes on the river’s sides. Letting the water current to guide you to Hang Chu Village...

Lai Chau

As a result of the massive dam construction, the landscape of Lai Chau is set to change substantially when a number of towns and their surrounds are submerged. As a result of this, the Vietnamese government has changed a lot of the names of towns in Lai Chau province, or rather has switched a lot of the names around, leading to confusions.

Cao Bang

There are many ethnic groups living in Cao Bang, whose plentiful traditions and beliefs create the province’s diverse culture. Among all of them, the Tày group is probably the biggest group, making up a large proportion of Cao Bang’s population.

Dien Bien

Dien Bien Phu is famous as a battlefield between French troops and Vietnam communists in 1954, the battle lasted 56 days leading to the fall of French colonism in Indochina. A lot of French tourists have come to visit Dien Bien Phu, almost everyday, there is still a historical site left until today is A1 hill.

Tuyen Quang

The landscapes in Tuyen Quang often put on a new beauty in every season so you can arrange a time to come here at any time as long it is compatible with, depending on the type of travel service you choose. For example if you want to explore Thac Mo, ecotourism destinations Na Hang.

Yen Bai

Yen Bai is a mountainous province with plenty of lush forests, and two main rivers namely the Hong and Chay River. The province is primarily powered by the Thac Ba Hydropower Plant, which is a major energy generator located near the vicinity of the Chay River.

Bac Kan

Bac Kan is a mountainous province that has common border with Cao Bang Province to the north, Tuyen Quang Province to the west, Lang Son Province to the south-east, and Thai Nguyen Province to the south. The topography is mainly midland, mountainous.

Lang Son

Lang Son is a northern province of Vietnam which borders Cao Bang Province to the North, Sung Ta Province (China) to the northeast, Bac Giang Province to the south, Quang Ninh Province to the east, Bac Kan Province to the West and Thai Nguyen Province to the southwest.

Hoa Binh

Generally, Hoa Binh has a great potential to develop its tourism. As a mountainous area, Hoa Binh possesses beautiful caves like Thac Bo cave, Hang Ret, Hoa Tien cave, the Pu Nooc primitive tropical forest give tourists many types of activities like adventure mountain climbing.

Ha Giang

From Dong Van to Meo Vac one has to overcome peak Ma Pi Leng. On beautiful days Ma Pi Leng pass seems to collect all the beauty of nature, with the windy hill sides, the eyes spread to horizon. Nho Que river as a small thread in the beautiful valley. One must stand here between heaven and earth.

Lao Cai

As its location implies, Lao Cai possess a true mountainous yet diverse topography with several valleys lying between hills and mountains. Fansipan - the most famous mountain peak in Vietnam and also the highest peak in the Indochina Peninsula, stands 3’143 m above the sea level.

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Northwest Travel Destinations

Northwest Travel Destinations

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