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Nam Dan ancient rock field

Nam Dan ancient rock field
Most visitors haven't heard about the ancient rock field in Nam Dan, Ha Giang. The old stone field of Nam Dan was found in 2004 by scientists from the Institute of Archeology and the Ha Giang Museum. This thousand year-old stone field inside the valley of Nam Dan has not been known widely by the visitors, but the beauty of the runic symbols on the rocks is very fascinating.

The whole populations of Nam Dan ancient rock is located between Tay Dan Mountain and Nam Dan hill, close to the Nam Khoong stream at 1400 meters height compared to sea level. The Nam Dan ancient rock was discovered in 2004 by researchers at the Institute of Archaeology and museum of Ha Giang.

Nam Dan ancient rock situated in an area of nearly 15 hectares, it is far Xin Man district, Ha Giang province about 16 kilometers. This place has 8 ancient carved relics, 2 ancient stone relics and a number of boulders with strange shapes. The patterns in the Nam Dan ancient rock include circle, triangular, rectangular or trapezoidal, the pattern of hand or leg with real size.

In the population of ancient rock, there have 2 boulders that are called big stone of prehistoric people. The first boulder is far about 700 meters from ancient carved stone to the east; it is magma boulder with 2.3 meters length, 1 meter width. On the surface and at the edge of the stone also retains the status of natural weathering. The second boulder is located far about 70 meters from the first boulder to the west.

Take along the trail of the mountainside through the megalithic relic about 500meters is the rock area which has ancient carved in the middle of the H’Mong. In the whole of Nam Dan commune, there have 4 ancient carved boulders but the rock in Nam Dan village has many carved figures with 79 figure includes: 40 circles, 2 rectangle, 1 square… The drawing in the Nam Dan ancient cultural population describe human activities, terraces, streams, moon, many circles, hands, legs… In order to create the drawing on stone, people use the direct carved technique in the surface of rock.

The rocks here are various in types and design. They bear marks of the traditional beauty of the old art, as well as weather-beaten traces after a thousand years. Each stone represents a legend of ethnic groups about religion and beliefs, and their worship to the God and Ancestors. There are about 80 engravings with 80 holes (5-6 cm in diameter, 1-2cm in depth) on mostly the western side of the stones.

According to scientists, the Nam Dan Stone Field was established approximately 2000 years ago. It could be a group of stone graves of the community’s leaders or a place to worship Gods, ancestors and other remarkable characters of the communities. It can be said that this place has a lot of value in terms of culture, history, religion as well as science. This place has the potential to become a widely known tourism destination in the future due to the fact that in the recent years, it has become a stop on the exploring route of many tourism agencies in this area.

Until now, in Vietnam, the trail of the prehistoric plastic arts found quite a few. It can be said Nam Dan ancient rock has special cultural value and scientific research value. Nam Dan has a huge potential tourism and attractions for tourists.


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