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Phuc Sen village

Phuc Sen village
One of the oldest traditional blacksmith villages in Vietnam, Phuc Sen forging village is located in Quang Yen district, Cao Bang province. Phuc Sen hammer village is a traditional trade village, appeared over 1000 years ago. Phuc Sen is a rocky village. Main products of the village are metal and steel hand-held agricultural equipments and woodwork equipments. During Vietnamese’s war resistance, Phuc Sen forging village took park in casting cannon and grenade casing.

Phuc Sen commune has 10 hamlets, 6 of them involved in forging. Stepping into the village, we can find forging furnace everywhere. Main products of the village are metal and steel hand-held agricultural equipments and woodwork equipments. Those bushwhackers, axes, scissors, knives, hoes, shovels, reaping hooks, etc are made from skillful hands and secret of forgers.

Phuc Sen forged products are identical. By examining the temper water, we can see the quality of the knife. In addition, professional forgers can test by moving the knife on a nail. One that moves smoothly is a good one. It’s important to make an evenly thin blade and use good tempering water. Though there are not many designs for the products, Phuc Sen farm tools have become a trade mark around the country.

When visiting these hamlets, one can see a diverse range of forges and tools sold on both sides of the road, while the sound of hammer blows resounds across the village.Besides the normal forge tools, such as bellows, anvils, hammers and water troughs, the Nung An people also build earthen cylinder kilns, about 80cm in height and 60cm in diameter.

Thanks to their secret techniques and expertise, Phuc Sen villagers have a reputation for making very sharp and durable products. To promote the development of the traditional craft, villagers often bring their products to sell at Quang Uyen Market so they can raise funds for agricultural tools, blacksmithing tools and materials.
Lately they have started selling their products to other localities in the country.


Northwest Attractions

Northwest Attractions

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