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Son La prison

Son La prison
The main attraction in Son La town is Son La colonial prison. Located in the heart of the city with a hill named Khau Ca and Nam La stream, Son La Prison is a proof of a historical period of revolutionary struggle and indomitable spirit of communists exiled by the French colonists. Let’s us discover the famous prison in the following article.

Son La Prison was well built by the French in 1908 with an initial area of 500 m2, stone and brick walls, tin roof, and no ceilings. This prison had stone beds for prisoners with smooth cement surface and the outer edges attached to the systems of shackles along the length of the floors. In each cell, there were latrines located above the floor with no cover, no flushing, and not being cleaned regularly. With such a design style, a lot of diseases occurred and spread very quickly in prisoners.

In 1930, the Communist Party of Vietnam launched and led the people to fight against the brutal regime of colonial feudal. The movement made the French colonists surprised. They arrested the Vietnam patriots with the aim of extinguishing the revolutionary movement.

On the other hand, the French colonists strengthened to build and expand the prison systems in the country. Especially, they paid much attention to Son La Prison. In 1940, Son La Prison was extended to a large jail to add some female prisoners but the plot was not done.

Thus, after being constructed and expanded three times, Son La Prison had a total area of 2.170 m2. The French colonists turned the place into a living hell to prison, exile, and kill the will of the Communists. However, this prison was the place that Vietnam patriots’ spirit was trained. The most notable patriot was To Hieu.

After being devastated by the wars, the ancient ruins dilapidated. The intact remaining is a peach tree of To Hieu. It is a symbol of a loyal soldier. In 1980, the Museum of Son La province began to restore this prison. Fences were rebuilt while two watchtowers, kitchens, large jails, tunnels, underground cells, and walls were restored.

Each year, the historic Son La prison welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit or study. Coming here, you will be carefully guided to understand what happened in the past at prison. You may admire the indomitable spirit of communists. In spite of being tortured and bearing extremely difficult living conditions, they were loyal and fought against the French colonists. They are To Hieu, Le Duan, Truong Chinh, Nguyen Luong Bang and many other soldiers. In particular, Son La Prison is the resting place of To Hieu, the leader of the Vietnam indomitable revolutionary while being imprisoned here.

If you have a chance to come to Son La, you should not miss this prison. It is the place that you can learn and recall the war happening more than a century.


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