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Tam Dao

Tam Dao
Tam Dao hill station belongs to Vinh Phuc province, about 40 km from Hanoi. Sharing the cool climate and the mountain-based locations, many people consider Tam Dao as a miniature of Sapa. But actually, two sides are intrinsically different. Tam Dao means three islands - a mountain range located about 75 km north of Hanoi. The significant shorter distance from Hanoi to Tam Dao compared to Sapa gives this area many advantages.

One can easily combine the visit to the mountain retreat area with a road trip from Hanoi. The cool climate and extensive green is another advantage, especially in the summer where Hanoi always seems overheated. Tam Dao is more suitable for a relaxing retreat than an intensive adventure. Accommodation facility as well as restaurants is readily available. The road that leads from lowland to highland is breath-taking; those who are into physical activities can never afford to muss a biking tour.

Tam Dao has numerous specialties and one should not leave the mountain area without trying Lon Man - a special kind of pork and Su Su - delicious in both fruits and its leafy vegetables. In winter time, be prepared with warmer clothes since it can get quite cold. Suring the summer, it is pleasantly sunny but avoid sun burn by applying plenty of sun block before hitting road.

Tam Dao Mountains are 80km long, 10-15km wide. At the early the 20* century (1904-1906), it was transformed into a resort with comprises villas, hotels, restaurants, sport fields, swimming pools, and dancing halls by the French.

Tam Dao range has three peaks: Ban Thach with 1,388m high, Thien Nhi with 1,375m high and Phu Nghia with 1,400m high which emerge like three islets. The weather is cool all year round with an average temperature of 20 to 220C and it may changes four seasons in a day. During the hottest days, the temperature reaches 27"C (80.60F). Long ago Tam Dao was a tourist attraction.

Nowadays, Tam Dao becomes Tourist Resort with an area of 235 ha lying at the attitude of 900m above sea level. It is a wonderful resort with fresh, pure and cooling air, beautiful scenery. Many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are ready to serve tourists. It is worth to visit when tourists take a walk on zigzagging mountain path to sightsee the landscape of mountain and forest in this place. Other few places that should be listed in tourists' itinerary are Bac (Silver) Waterfall, Mother Goddess Temple, Phu Nghia Peak.


Northwest Attractions

Northwest Attractions

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