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Tinh Tuc

Tinh Tuc
Tinh Tuc townlet is in Nguyen Binh district. Located quietly in the northeast, Tinh Tuc townlet is like a forgotten town with old houses surrounded by dense forests.

Tinh Tuc town was built in 1970s, the town was formed by thousands of tin miners who came to work in Tinh Tuc tin mines. Mining workers come from other places with few natives are the first citizens of this district.

Prosperity of the town is associated with mining workforce. Around 1965 - 1973, the number of employees came up to 4,000 people, marked at the high time of the town. Nearly 40 years of existence, the mine reserves run low, most workers left, the town has become deserted. Visitors to Tinh Tuc all have a feeling that time has stood still for ages.



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