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Homestay in northwest Vietnam

Homestay in northwest Vietnam
Homestay in Dien Bien
Dien Bien has 8 cultural villages built in order to preserve the traditional cultural identity. Guests can stay right at the village and enjoy local dedicated service, attentive to the hospitality. Here, visitors will have a chance to learn about the cultural values of the country, cultural and artistic exchange; learn the customs and habits of ethnic people...The culture of tourism is not only attractive by quiet atmosphere but also by the food specialties made by hand of the "chefs" in the village, such as smoked meat, grilled fish, grilled chicken, minced pork ribs, cooked rice ... Below we provide some information about the homestay in Dien Bien Phu area for your stay.
1. Pe Luong culture village
Address Thanh Luong commune (Dien Bien town)
Contact: Mr. On, tel 0230.3952812
2. Phieng Loi culture village
Thanh Minh commune (Dien Bien Phu town)
Contact Mr. Truong, tel 0988090244
3. Co My culture village
Address Thanh Chan Commune (Dien Bien town)
Contac Mr. Phuong head of the village, tel 0230.3953968 - 0943835577
4. Men culture village
Address Thanh Nua commune (Dien Bien town)
Contact Mr. Nhot 0230.3 831522
5. Ten culture village
Address Thanh Xuong commune (Dien Bien town)
Contac Mr. Un head of the village: 0230.3953968
6. U Va culture village
Address Noong Luong commune (Dien Bien town)
Contac Mr. Chien: 0984013948
7. Him Lam culture village
Address Him Lam Ward, Dien Bien Phu
Contac Mr. Truong head of the village 0168 2581894
8. Noong Bua culture village
Address Noong Bua Ward, Dien Bien Phu
Phone: Mr. Loan head of the village: 0230.3720854.

Homestay in Ha Giang
Ha Giang is one of the most attractive destinations in North Vietnam. And to meet the needs exploring, the growing number of young travelers, accommodation service in Ha Giang including homestay is developing very fast. We recommend a list of homestay in Ha Giang if you have a chance to visit this area.
1. Mrs Chi homestay (behind Dong Van market) tel: 0977993071
2. Mr Duc's homestay (near Dong Van Old Street) tel: 0982.791.830 / 0982.711.830
3. Homestay at Ancient house in Dong Van tel: 01688120866
4. Ms My homestay in Dong Van tel: 0165 398 2573
5. Mrs Tham homestay in Dong Van tel: 0987 001745
6. Luong Thuc homestay tel: 0977.115.189
7. Ms Hoa's homestay in Dong Van tel: 0982.344.376
8. Tuy village homestay, tel: 0976.833.

Homestay in Moc Chau - Son La
We recommend a list of some homestays in Moc Chau plateau (Son La province) if you wish to stay here. When you make a reservation please ask if the homestay is close to the plantation or in Moc Chau townlet and the distance to the main attractions in the place.
* Moc Chau homestay, tel: 0976066867
* Ms Huong homestay in Moc Chau Town, tel: 0912.351.186
* Thao Nguyen Homestay, tel: 01277009909
* Homestay of Mr Thanh near Moc Chau Stadium, tel: 0946868145
* Homestay 73 Moc Chau, tel: 01266 223 457
* Homestay in Muong Moc, tel: 0166 996 0333 - 0916 255 128
* Homestay at Hoa village, Tan Lap commune, tel: 0968325668 -0915.957.688
* Homestay Moc Phong Van, tel: 0966 24 12 77 - 094 559 1977

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