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Khau Pha pass

Khau Pha pass
Khau Pha pass is one the the Big Four Passes in northern Vietnam. It is can be said that Khau Pha Pass is the longest and craggy gorge on Highway 32 with a length of 30 km. Located in the bordering area between Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, Khau Pha Pass passing many famous landmarks such as La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le, Che Cu Nha, Nam Co …
Because this pass often has murky fog, mountains seem to be like clouds rising above the sea in the Pass area so locals named Khau Pha Pass, in Thai means the Horn of Heaven (horns mountains rising to heaven ) – a famous gorge Northwest, where “the people” tour was ranked as one of the “big four Pass”. This is the time when many tourists choose to conquer Pass and sightseeing. Also, come here, tourists can admire the winding stretch of road passes among the pristine jungle and wild. In the forest is preserved variety of plant and animal such as : black gibbons, langurs gray; pine oil, oak and all kinds of birds, other rare animals.

From Yen Bai City, vice along Highway 32 about 5 hours, through communal Tu Le, Khau Pha Pass, Mu Cang Chai district appear among a plateau surrounded by mountains identical. The winding stretch of road passes between the old forests are bold and pristine slopes terraced fields of H’Mong, Thai people.

Paddy season is the most beauiful in Khau Pha, approximated in September or October , when the rice terraces on foot golden paddy field. This is the time when many tourists choose to conquer Pass and sightseeing. Also, come here, tourists can admire the winding stretch of road passes between the pristine jungle, wild. In the forest is preserved and preserved variety of plant and animal you like: black gibbons, gray; oil pine, to her and all kinds of birds, other rare animals.
Not only is a famous stretch of road pass in the tourist, landmark Khau Pha also associated with feats recorded in the revolutionary history of Yen Bai province: Before 1945, the partisan of Khau Pha took advantage of the terrain and special shifting under thick clouds wind on the pass, “demonic god made” continuous intercept the march of the French from going Nghia Lo, Lai Chau, Lao Cai and vice versa by hackbut or trap rock, prompting French troops terror respect for heroes known as “cloud warriors”. Currently, Yen Bai is doing records monument, memorial monument Khau Pha guerrilla team on top of the pass.

Khau Pha Pass road has two-thirds of the gravel road, bumpy gravel, just walking through the newly beauty Tu Le is more little slightly. During the length of the pass, it have to bend a few segment sleeve falls. On cloudy days, the pass is particularly dangerous for the driver because the pass off without any barrier or any warning signs. Delivery Pass has deteriorated so much for not being regular repaired, easily eroded, subsidence due within basaltic soil, soft soil system. Previously there was always danger lurking regularly with stones from the mountain could fall anytime. But now, the road transport sector Pass was – transport and repair Yen Bai province, overcome, become major tourist attractions of road and road economic exchanges western region of Yen Bai. On the “Horn of Heaven”, the weather is always cool like in Sapa, in some year, also it is snowy as at Sa Pa by the altitude more than 2,000m.

With the policy of the Party and State, the descendant of old “cloud warriors” who residing on windswept ridges, whose lives have changed increasingly prosperous; had the rich villages; rice, corn genus for the bumper; now the campus has the child been to your school. Life is renewed each day, but the people still preserve traditional culture. Khau Pha Pass conversely, you will encounter the terraces flank are beautiful as the picturesque, mountain peaks rising above the clouds thousands of majestic and friendly smile, cheerful people who live on the Horn of Heaven.


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Northwest Attractions

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