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Than Uyen travel information

Than Uyen travel information
Than Uyen district (Lai Chau province) is a large closed valley between Fansipan Mountain and Pu Luong. Than Uyen is bestowed an interlaced river system, Nam Mu is the most typical river with a length of 160 km which has big steep slope. It is an inexhaustible source of energy which facilitate the development of small hydropower at local.

Additionally, Than Uyen also owns Muong Than field - one of four famous fertile fields of Northwest area that are praised. This makes Than Uyen becoming ever more beautiful when entering harvest season.

Unlike other areas in the northern mountain area, there are still two rice crops a year in Than Uyen, so tourists can contemplate pouring water season in Than Uyen and neighborhood regions as Tan Uyen and Muong Lay in December, January every year. Than Uyen is a large valley, it has not only terraces but also the vast endless fields which create diverse colors for pouring water season here. That season is the beauty created by people with the most honest and perfect way. Nature give here fertile land, but dexterous hands of people are main factors making the magic.

The image of people on fields, buffaloes quietly follow, birds loom at far distance ... are very familiar and close. The afternoon sunny fading or morning light shining makes field, terraced fields more beautiful in pouring water season.

Backpackers are required much effort to overcome hundreds of kilometers to reach Than Uyen in this cold winter. But it definitely will satisfy your eyes with stunning landscape that people here accidentally create everyday. Photographers are surely also difficult to be able to take their eyes off these full of love and rustic pictures.

In addition, when arriving Than Uyen, you can visit Khau Co Pass relic, Na Khoang Village (Muong Kim) - one of guerrilla bases in French against time, Che Bo cave (Muong Than commune), populations of charming Ta Gia landscape.

Coming to Than Uyen, you should not forget to visit traditional Thai villages with stilt house roofs; watch outfits, pillow blanket, double scarfs with colorful patterns; listen to folk tales about natural history, land, human; bath in stream of folk songs and dance “Xòe vòng” of the Thai, “Lăm vông” of Laotian.

Tradition and folklore in Than Uyen are still kept preserving through many generations. Arriving Than Uyen is arriving the land of extremely unique cultural identity. Than Uyen pouring water season is unsophisticated and not magnificent but very attracted by the idyllic, quiet beauty of Viet Nam countryside - a harmonious combination of nature and human hands.


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